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In the age of the internet, more and more companies are realizing that not everyone needs to be working in the same office for business to run smoothly. This is especially true at times when everyone needs to work from home.

This is where brands like Zoom come in. Zoom is a remote Video Conferencing conferencing service that allows colleagues to hold virtual meetings with one another from anywhere with an internet connection. A-Zoom Room is effectively nothing more than a set of hardware that all has a Zoom app installed on it, which allows you to hold virtual meetings.

With Zoom Room software, many of the web cameras, tablets, computers, phone systems, mics, speakers, displays, and smartboards your organization already has can be synchronized to work together, creating a visual and aural link between people spread far and wide.

Using your Windows PC or Mac computer, you can install the Zoom Rooms program, which will let you arrange meetings. On an iPad, Android, or Windows tablet, download the Zoom Rooms app. You can then connect a camera and microphone in order to broadcast video and audio. An HD television or other monitor will let you broadcast the video feeds of the people dialing in.

Zoom Rooms is a software-based room system that provides an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing.  Zoom Rooms can be used for room only attendees or remote attendees joining from another room, from their desktop, or from their mobile device.

Zoom Room Dakar Senegal

Zoom Video Conferencing Dakar

You can use the Zoom Rooms apps to share files, websites, and other content across the internet during a meeting. This means you can communicate seamlessly without stopping the meeting.It’s easy to share your screen and collaborate with Zoom. Our platform also supports multiple people sharing their screens at the same time. It’s great for highly collaborative teams, like engineers.

You probably don’t need to supply remote workers with new hardware — in fact, a good deal of the equipment already in your offices will likely work with Zoom software.

A-Zoom subscription on its own is free (although you can pay to avail more features), so it’s a great option if you want to start video conferencing.

However, if you want to take your meetings to the next level, you should consider investing in a Zoom Room subscription.

Zoom Video Conferencing Features:

  • HD Video and Audio– Put high-quality video, audio, and web conferencing in any sized room.
  • Wireless Sharing – Cut the cords, cables, and dongles — present content wirelessly from your laptop or mobile device.
  • Interoperability with H.323/SIP– Communicate with any legacy endpoint, including Polycom, Cisco, Logitech, Yealink, and Lifesize.
  • Meet with Anyone– Include remote participants on desktop, mobile, or other conference room systems.
  • One-Touch to Start Meetings– Use voice command or one touch to start an instant meeting or scheduled meeting through your calendaring system.
  • Overview Status and Management– Centralized management of your conference rooms.
Zoom Supplier Dakar

Zoom Video Conferencing Dakar

Zoom Video Conferencing Benefits:

Cost Saving

If you opt for a video conference it deducts the traveling expense. Initial interviews or meetings can be done through video conference.

Time-Saving: – Video conferencing consumes only the required time for the meeting.

Energy Saving: – If you go for a video conference it will save your physical energy whereas traveling consumes time, money and energy both.

Give Better Opportunity of E-Learning: – Distance education program can be concluded through video conference. E.g. a teacher who is sitting in Delhi and the student who is located in Kolkata can’t meet every day possibly whereas through video call they can exchange ideas and educational perspectives.

Zoom is such an advanced option that is full of features such as HD quality video, HD voice, etc. It is compatible to work with all kinds of OS such as Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android, etc. A dual-stream for the dual-screen facility is also available.  Some more features are there such as MP4 recording, Google Chrome, and Outlook plug-in, etc.  Zoom uses hybrid cloud services that enhance its quality of service.

Zoom Video Conferencing and the new work from Home Concept

With many businesses now encouraging or even mandating that employees work from home amid global health concerns over the coronavirus, millions of people can expect to have their daily routines and work styles impacted. But not everyone is accustomed to working from home, and getting into work mode from a space that’s not your regular one can be a huge adjustment.

The bright side of working from home is that you save time on a commute, spend more time with family, and maybe get a few more things done around the house. But the challenges, including loneliness, staying connected, and a heightened penchant for distraction can have a significant effect on your psyche and productivity. So, we’re here to help!

We offer Many Zoom optimized Video Conferencing Solutions which give you Native Zoom Experence. We Offer Hardware Solution from Zoom from Logitech, Polycom and Yealink.

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