Grandstream CCTV Dakar

Grandstream CCTV surveillance is becoming more and more sophisticated every year. There is always a wide belief that surveillance systems are all about ensuring protection, but that’s almost never the case. Security is surely on the list, but it improves the productivity and efficiency of the employees as well. You can make your business more difficult to break into by installing security cameras. Now these days with the technological advances, the surveillance systems are more dependable and affordable that almost every business can afford. Definitely, having the systems installed will deter the chance of burglary or robbery, employee theft and other illicit happenings around the premises. Make sure to have all your prime locations mounted with the security cameras. The success of a surveillance system depends on the features and the ability of the security products it choose to serve. So it is crucial to have the best cameras in place and with the right system and right provider you can attain the best results.

Grandstream is well-known for being a pioneer in the field of security surveillance. You can develop surveillance system with Grandstream IP cameras, Network Video Recorders and Video management software. Vector Digitals is effective in implementing security surveillance system to industries across various domains with Grandstream IP cameras and Network Video recorders. As a solution to meet the challenges, Grandstream has responded to it by developing security products that has advanced features and functionalities.

Grandstream presents IP products that gives a fully digital surveillance system across wide variety of security applications. It consists of HD IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, video management software, encoders and decoders.


Grandstream IP cameras in Dakar

Getting the right system is the best thing you can do for a perfect solution. Recent years have witnessed a shift towards high-definition IP cameras. People are getting better at selecting things that are of high value and it is true in the case of security systems as well. Grandstream IP cameras have that the special value that fulfills almost every security requirement of any kind and size of business. The IP cameras comes in a variety of shapes and it is intended to fit for any residential/business applications. It features the full High Definition solution and encompass feature to notify users in the event of any forbidden access. Wide angle monitoring capacity makes this product a good choice for all businesses.

It supports features that includes variable focal length, weather proof casing, Supports Motion Detection, Support integration with third party speakers, Provides Encryption security, Sip support etc…

 Grand Stream Network Video Recorder in Dakar

Network Video recorder is compatible with IP cameras only. NVR can be best utilized to manage multiple cameras from a centralized location. High storage capacity enables to store large video files and can keep it for long for later viewing. As well it enables to view the images/videos from multiple cameras through a single interface.

With the Grandstream NVR, you can manage and record the videos real time. NVR with Varied storage capacities are available with Grandstream. Auto detecting feature of Grandstream cameras and the facility of integrating with other party devices makes Grandstream a good choice for a perfect IP surveillance. Some of the features it supports include Video recording, indexing and searching, Supports Motion Detection, Supports SIP Video, Video management software and much more.

Grandstream security products have all the features to support surveillance in a much-refined way. Associating with these systems, Vector Digitals has the expertise providing you a robust and accessible solution to your business. As well, we have our services operational in the area of Touba, Ziguinchor, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Thiès, Ziguinchor, Mbaké and Pikine. Our capability to deploy systems across various verticals have earned us the best CCTV service provider in Dakar.

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