Dahua CCTV Dakar

CCTV surveillance is often a great security feature of business and home. If you are looking for a security solution where you can monitor the activities in a broad way, then CCTV security is ideal. When it comes to security surveillance, there are choices now when looking at the feasibility and adaptiveness. Are they really worth having it in your business or home? The relentless surveillance makes sure that the business is moving in a right direction and no such illicit happenings are taking place around. It extends the benefits of productivity and efficiency in a better level, doubtless to say it enables the production and maintenance in a secure and well-defined manner.

Make the surveillance with Dahua security products

Dahua truly is a global leader in the area of security systems. The advanced security monitoring systems from Dahua makes it more convenient to any security applications in a business. The quality results Dahua produce help officials to determine the right cause. The brand is famous for its security innovations and the integrations.

Vector Digitals is much happy to take advantage of Dahua security systems to power the security surveillance in a sophisticated way. We understand that the development of expert CCTV systems calls for many approaches such as proper planning, intention of usage, designing, and implementation. In tune with the best practices, we develop and deploy security surveillance system with the Dahua systems that cover every part of your security policy in detail.  The portfolio of Dahua products we deal includes the IP cameras, Analog Cameras, NVR and DVR.


Dahua IP cameras:

IP cameras can be exploited for the multitude of security applications including outdoor and indoor surveillance. With its ability for a wider area coverage, it can be sure that the Dahua IP cameras is the best fit for your business. Furthermore these systems are designed to perform in different conditions. The high-end cameras having high megapixel, quality lens and other factors makes sure the events are clearly recorded and end users find no difficulty in recognizing events. Fully featured Dahua IP cameras open doors to a full and sophisticated systems. The common features consist of Dual stream encoding, Night Vision, Event trigger, Noise reduction feature, Different megapixel cameras and much more.

Dahua Analog cameras:

The indoor and outdoor surveillance can be made better with analog cameras too. Analog cameras are still a good choice for many of the businesses. Since it can extend the features and functionalities that a business is required with the least amount of financial overhead. The analog cameras are designed to be perfectly applied for many security applications. It has the features of High resolution, Night Vision, Privacy masking, Picture adjustment, Support Noise reduction

Dahua Network Video Recorders

NVR is used to records videos from IP cameras. The advantage of NVR is that it allow users to view videos in both real time and recorded forms. The video management system control and manage the videos in a better way. The features of Dahua NVR comprises Real live view support, Recording and preview, Real time playback, Intelligent Search, Multiple network monitoring, Acquisition of IP address automatically etc…

Digital Video Recorder

DVR or Digital Video recorder is used with Analog cameras. It transforms analog signals to digital signals and makes the management and recording of videos simple. Dahua Digital Video Recorder is a better choice for the business who still have the analog Surveillance systems. Remote management of the videos is possible. Dahua DVRs comes in various groups and have Hybrid DVR, Premium DVR, Professional DVR, Entry and Home level DVR models.

The Dahua security systems have all the features to support the surveillance in much effective way. Vector Digitals has expertise to propose and implement a scalable solution to your business environment within your budget requirement. Besides operating in Dakar, we have a comprehensive service influence in the emirates of Touba, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Thiès, Ziguinchor, Mbaké and Pikine. Our capacity to deploy the systems across various industries have earned us the best CCTV service provider in Dakar.

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