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3CX is a private branch exchange (PBX) and the software-based, based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard. 3CX in Dakar enables the extensions to make the calls Voce over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and public switched telephone network (PSTN) services. The 3CX for the Raspberry, Linux, and Windows is the IP business phone system that supports the standard SIP hard/softphones, PSTN phone lines, and the VoIP services.

3CX Telephone System in Dakar was developed by the 3CX, the international VoIP IP PBX, the software development technology company being as the software-based open-standards PBX. It was first published as a free IP PBX product in the year 2006. The IP PBX System was intended in providing the VoIP solution to use in the Microsoft Windows environment.

3CX is the open standards PBX that works with the popular SIP trunk provider and the IP phones for allowing you to set up the fully functional IP PBX equipped with a complete set of the unified communication features. The 3CX is re-known for its management and easy installation. Its setup is concluded with a few minutes and is available in the cloud or on-premise.

The on-premise version of the 3CX can be easily installed on the Linux or on the Windows and it can be virtualized using the Hyper-V or VMware. For the smaller offices having no server available, the 3CX can be installed on the  MiniPC as PBX Appliance or even at the Raspberry Pi device. Anyone can try the on-premise version for free of cost.

3cx ip pbx DakarFeatures of the 3CX in a nutshell

We know that the 3CX in Senegal has easy management and the installation procedures but 3CX also has a zero admin and is highly secure PBX. Several aspects of the PBX’s running are automated: restore and backup, security failover, and the update management are all managed automatically by 3CX.

PBX security

The 3CX is setting the standard in PBX security. Inbuilt security includes automatic management and the generation of SSL certificates, voice traffic encryption through SRTP, global IP blacklisting, provisioning of phones are done through uaCSTA and many more.

3CX IP PBX Advanced features

When 3CX in Senegal comes to the Unified Communications features, it does not hold back. It has advanced features when we talk about its management aspect. 3CX includes the softphones for the Windows and Mac, apps for the Android and iOS, instant chat, integrated video conferencing WebRTC, CRM integrations, Click2Call, website talk and live chat, CTI, and the advanced call center features.

3CX requires the external FQDN and SSL certificate for ensuring the remote users may connect securely to IP PBX. These services can be provided by it to you and they still function continuously even if the free 4SC version is being run by you.

The great contribution of the deployment options and the call handling features make the 3CX’s phone system, a perfect choice for the SME’s who want to host their own IP PBX. It would not be beaten from the value aspect and it has easy installation and management procedures.

 3CX Phone System Features

3CX DISTRIBUTOR Senegal3CX Dakar is ranked among the top 20, The Business Phone Systems products. 3CX is the open standards and a robust software based PBX phone system which assists the companies and organizations in tackling their daily business communication needs. It is powerfully equipped with the advanced unified communication features which enable the organizations and the companies to grow and prosper.

3CX Dakar offers so many features that can help any business or organization run smoother thus be more productive. 3CX collaboration features are powerful and amazing. The 3CX enables you to save large amounts on the phone service which you spend each year by allowing you to use the SIP trunks. The licensing cost of 3CX is very simple and smooth to understand for the users and the system can be upgraded at any time. Compared to the other phone systems in the market, cost of ownership of 3CX is very low, but 3CX comes with the complete package that is full of features.

3CX communication medium is the internet, that makes it easy for people to communicate with each other despite having geographical obstacles. The best point, which the 3CX owns is that, for call roaming, it does not charge. You only need to have access to the software and the internet.

User can take their extension anywhere

The 3CX enables the VoIP clients for the Android and iOS to take their extension wherever they go. The 3CX gives you the one number concept. This means that you do not need to give your personal mobile number. It enables you to set the status of your availability to the calls or not, to your clients.

Ultimate collaboration

Video conferencing is user-friendly and feature-rich of 3CX. Employees can join the meetings through their mobile devices. There is no need to login and the participants can easily enjoy video communication. The conferences can be launched from anywhere at any time without the long procedures.

3cx Distributor Dakar

3cx Distributor Dakar

Make call anywhere

With the powerful softphones for the Windows and Mac, the 3CX easily enables to manage your phone call easily, whether using CTI or the desk phone in the office or using your laptop on the road.

Unified communications

Whether you are a small company or a big, organized unified communication system can give the ultimate success to your company.

  • You can see the presence of your colleagues.
  • Deliver the faxes and the voicemail to Inbox.
  • You can directly text your employees without relying on the third party messaging systems.

A simple overview of the 3CX Features

  • Save money & time with the Feature-Rich Web Conferencing
  • Slash communication costs and phone bills
  • Self-installation and the management
  • Cloud/virtual or on-premise PBX
  • Easy management of the Softphones and the IP phones
  • Unified communications are made easy
  • Deliver voicemail and faxes to inbox
  • See the presence of colleagues
  • Instant text chat/messaging
  • Plug and play with the Gateways, SIP trunks, and IP phones
  • Cut travel costs
  • Free inter-office calls
  • Configurable extensions
  • Call directly from CRM
  • Android and the iOS VoIP clients
  • No per extension licensing and one low price on per PBX
  • Cheapest call costs for the customers using the IP telephony and DID
  • CRM integration and the Click to Call

Goodbye to fees and charges

Now it’s a time to say goodbye to the expensive charges and fees. This is the most beneficial feature for all users. The 3CX is basically a PBX phone system that is primarily built to help the companies and organizations in cutting spending on communication services and technologies. But how actually the 3CX system help in reducing the telco costs? Now, the explanation is here. IP phone system enables the remote workers and employees to call each other without any charges. In simple words, they can make calls to their other offices or to their main offices for free within the organization.

CRM Integration and Click to Call Extension

3CX possesses an integration feature that is call as the Click to Call. This is a plug-in or an extension that users can efficiently add and also can activate on the web browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The much interesting thing in this regard is that they can run even this extension at their existing CRM system. Click to call extension possesses the ability to detect the phone numbers automatically which appear on e-mails, contact lists, websites and on the CRM systems.

Direct Inward Dialing

3CX Telephone systems uses a Direct Inward Dialing or the DID service, to enable the customers to reach out to employees and the organization at a very lower call rate. DID provides the companies with the dedicated phone numbers’ set in order to help the customers so that they can contact the workstations and the specific employees within the company. This excellent service excludes the requirement for setting up the physical phone line for every connection. However, it makes use of the SIP trunk lines through which the calls are handled and the PBX phone system is run using an Internet connection.

3CX SenegalThe 3CX has three editions

  1. Standard Edition
  • Standard edition has unlimited extensions.
  • It is equipped with a Click to Call feature.
  • It has an auto-provisioning.
  • Supports iOS and Android Apps.
  1. PRO Edition
  • It is equipped with call reports, call queues, CRM integration, and hot-desking features.
  1. Enterprise Edition
  • It is equipped with the inbuilt failover, custom IP phone log, standby license, and call recording options.


           Standard              PRO          Enterprise
Extensions Standard version has unlimited extensions. PRO version has unlimited extensions. Enterprise version has unlimited extensions.
Web-conferencing participants Standard version has 25 web-conferencing participants. PRO version has 100 web-conferencing participants. The enterprise version has 250 web-conferencing participants.


You can choose the best solutions of 3CX for your business. There are no additional licensing considerations, add-ons or expansion modules. All these are simple plans, yet powerful solutions.

 3CX PBX system Zoho Accounting Integration

3CX is an open-standards IP PBX software-based that offers the complete Unified Communications, coming out of the box. The 3CX makes the maintenance, management and installation of your PBX very easy, so enabling you to managing it effortlessly.

The integration between the Zoho and 3CX provides many benefits to the users of Zoho and the 3CX. 3CX provides the integration with Zoho. This configuration is done along the server side in  a very straightforward and an easy way. These are explained below:

  • Create the new contact

Automatically create new contact when the call is received from the unknown number.

  • Call Pop-ups

When you get an inbound call, the record of the customer is automatically brought to         you, when using 3CX Web Client.

  • Call Journals

The calls are logged as the call records in CRM with the Call Journals feature.

  • Click to Call

Launch the calls straight from the Zoho via the 3CX, by using the 3CX browser extensions of click to call.

 3CX Call Center

As 2020 is coming to close, small and medium-sized businesses are searching for innovative ways to attract the new customers, but this does not mean that they can take their current customers for granted. Gartner Group presented the statistics, that 80 percent of the company’s future earnings shall come from the 20 percent of the existing customers. Losing these loyal customers can take your company towards facing a huge loss in revenue. In today’s competitive and challenging marketplace, offering a great service or product may not be quite enough to hold your loyal customer base. In order to keep them intact, you have to provide stellar customer experience. Improving and optimizing your contact center is a perfect place to start.

3cx call center system Dakar3CX Advanced Call Center Features

The 3CX enables you to make sure that your employees are working efficiently, enables you to track their progress and then provides the valuable interactions which your customers will surely remember. For the enhanced customer service and for the maximum employee productivity, 3CX offers the advanced and best call center features. 3CX offer support, resolve various issues and build customer relationships using the advanced and the latest in unified communications and the call center technology.

Server-side CRM Integration

You can improve the customer experience with a fully unified and powerful call center solution. The 3CX enables the employees to work with efficiency by streamlining the communications and offers simple integration with the wide range of accounting systems, ERP and CRM.

  • With the easy and quick logging of interactions, ensure customer satisfaction.
  • With just only single click from your application or browser, launch the phone calls.
  • Incoming calls are automatically linked to customer records.
  • Salesforce, Freshdesk, Office 365, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Superior Call Center Features

Making the smooth running of the call center is not an easy and smooth task. You need to look over every aspect of the call center, in order to make sure that your call center is working efficiently. But with the 3CX PRO, now you do not need to worry anymore. 3CX PRO offers you all the tools that you need in reviewing the performance of your agents. It lets you approach the abandoned calls, answered calls, average longest waiting time and many more. This enables you to check your call center at any time that whether it is working smoothly or not.

  • With your website visitors, you can have live chat and talk.
  • During the live call, train new agents with the whisper function.
  • Without the agent or the caller knowing, you can easily listen to a call with the listen in.
  • If the call is being messed up by the agents, you can take over by using the feature of Barge in.

Checking the worker’s activities keep the atmosphere disciplined and well managed and this can be greatly handled if 3CX PRO is used at your call center.

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