Firewall for office

Why data security is so important?

Data security is vital for most businesses and even home computer users. Regardless of the size of business, it’s your obligation to safeguard your business data from any security breaches. Security is often overlooked by most enterprises. In a networked environment, it is more important that the data inside the network should be strongly protected from the outside attacks. The best way to provide security is to implement firewall for your networks.Considering the risks within a network environment firewall for office is mandatory irrespective of business size.We offer network& firewall security in Dakar ,Senegal.  Firewall refers to a network device that scan each incoming and outgoing traffic over the network and take measure to block viruses, spams, spyware, malware etc…The firewall security block the spread of these malicious attacks. As the attacks are increasing, you can secure business data network and security with the firewall. Today hackers are looking for all possible ways to intrude into your system and get the things hacked. If you are seriously considering about the network security in Dakar, then it is time for your business to protect with the appropriate firewall options.

Why need firewall for office network?

There could be reasons for implementing adequate security measures on data protection. In order to maintain high levels of integrity, data protection measure is a must. The data breach can create serious consequences such as the financial loss and a drop in the investor confidence. Additionally, loss of important data affects the productivity and also results in the application failures and other system issues. Most of the security breaches are being happened through viruses, malwares, and spywares and so on and hackers are looking for chances to intrude into your network. As an effective security measure, a reliable firewall does provide the protection for your business. It is not only just need the firewall for small office you can implement firewall for branch offices as well. Considering the risks within a network environment, it is important to devise a strong data protection mechanism with firewall.

Firewall for office

Firewall for office network security in Dakar

Once you have decided to implement a strong and secure firewall for home office or firewall for the office network, it is worth to get the system installed with a reliable security provider. As a leading security solution provider in Dakar, we have the expertise in providing comprehensive firewall security with the leading brands such as the Fortinet, SonicWall firewall, and other brands. With reliable security in place, you can stay focused on other aspects of your business. The advanced scanning features and options make these firewalls next-generation firewalls that can deal with wide range of threats. Hence with these products, your company does not need to suffer anymore about security threats. With the experience of providing security solutions, we can set up Firewall for small office network in Dakar. The gaining popularity made the business of all kinds to accept these advanced firewalls as a superior safety measure.

The advanced firewall has the following features

  • Identify and control applications
  • Prevent known threats
  • Block unknown or targeted threats
  • Limit unauthorized file and data transfers
  • Web content filtering
  • Scan for viruses and malware in applications
  • Effective traffic monitoring
  • Network security made simple
  • Effective utilization of the bandwidth
  • You can get the firewall at reduced costs
  • Identify infected bot hosts
  • Control web surfing

Firewall Brands

The types of firewall

The strength of office network security depends on what kind of firewall security your business has. The different types of firewall can be classified into packet filtering firewall, stateful firewall, Deep packet inspection firewall, application-aware firewall and application proxy firewall.

  • Packet filtering firewall: This kind of firewall includes the list of security rules which can block the data flow based on IP protocol, IP address, and port number. The intrusion prevention mechanism differentiates the kind of traffic from the whole traffic i.e. the good web traffic or bad web traffic.
  • Stateful firewall: This kind of firewall keep track of the active connections. You can define the firewall rules such as like this “only the packets that are part of an established connection are allowed” to enter into the network. Again here also there is no mechanism to differentiate the good or bad traffic. An intrusion prevention mechanism can help.
  • Application-layer firewall: This type can examine the data in the packet. The key benefit of this application layer firewall is the ability to block specific content such as the malware and the certain known benefits.
  • Proxy Firewalls: Proxy firewalls operates at the application layer of the firewall. A proxy firewall prevents direct connections between either side of the firewall; both sides are forced to conduct the session through the proxy, which can block or allow traffic based on its rule set.

We are skilled at developing above kind of firewalls for small office and firewall for branch offices. A firewall is a great security tool that can configure to prevent any kind of security threats in a network environment. By blocking the kind of threats, it protects your business network and computers from unauthorized access and defends from the attack.

Get the best protection from the leader in Firewall security in Senegal

Any kind of security breach is unhealthy as far as a business is concerned. Therefore in the age unsecured world, it has become a necessity to protect network with a reliable and supportable Firewall security in Dakar. Firewall protection has so many positive effects in which it protects your important business data against viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, spyware, bots etc… With flexible and scalable security measures, we provide the adequate firewall for office in Dakar that ensure the safety of your networks. We are focused on other parts of Emirates as well including Touba, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Thiès, Ziguinchor, Fujairah, and Pikine. Being considered as the expert in the domain of network security Dakar we have full-fledged solutions with the sophisticated measures. By providing solutions we are not just providing the installation, we offer support for the firewall as well. The security we provide with the firewall is enough to guarantee that your entity is well protected from any external and internal security threats. Contact us to know more about the office security in Dakar.