Why Vtiger CRM?

It is significant to capture the data of each client in an organization as it provides the sales team the necessary information at the time dealing with the clients. Having the necessary information helps to stream line the individualized service. Here come the importance of deploying the CRM (Customer Relationship management) that works well for your business comes.

It is an approach designed and build by incorporating the segments associated to help the companies in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction and retention. The package provides a complete way of interacting with many aspects of a company like to monitor the former interactions, pending invoices, status of many orders and many others.

The industry is using different types of CRM, some companies go for the customized versions, some buy it and others use Open Source CRM to deal with the customer management and the related transactions. Vtiger is another package that comes from the Open Source CRM family.

Choose Vector Digital Systems for Vtiger Implementation

Vector digital solutions in Dakar is focused in offering the CRM solutions for many years to wide range of companies. The successful Vtiger implementation has received wide laurels from the customers thus making the Vector Digital Systems as the best in Dakar. Besides this we have a team of implementation team who performs well on every features of CRM. Therefore combining skills with experience helps us to understand the customer features in detail.

Here are some of the advantages Vtiger has in store for you

The use of Vtiger can bring the entire sales work flow under single umbrella. The high priority sales can be deal with the sales pipe line which can be visualized. Some of the features are listed below.

Get everything about a contact in a convenient and single view:

  • Reach out fast with one click emailing and calling.
  • Provision to quote, raise invoice and payment requests.
  • Scrutinize your performance with the reports.
  • Prioritize with the featured list of opportunities and stay on your obligations with event calendar.
  • Predict future sales.
  • Customer relationship at a glance.
  • Manage products, vendor details and services.
  • Generate quotes, sales order, purchase order and invoices.
  • Tracking payment online.

The most noticeable feature in Vtiger CRM is the project management capabilities. The feature is that you can manage the project in one place.

  • Assign tasks with due dates associated with a project.
  • Associate with a customer.
  • Customer portal helps to collaborate with the customers through file sharing and messages.
  • Pop up notifications help members to stick on task.

It’s now easy for you to market your products or business through Vtiger.

Why can’t you try out these features?

We help you out in implementing Vtiger for your business and see how it is connected to what you have read about. The full features of this CRM is really helpful in enhancing the productivity and customer relationships at large.

While sifting through the features against other competing CRM’s and would like to go for another one, then you have the option with us to have a try on other CRM’s like Odoo CRM and Microsoft Dynamics. Else if you are looking for your own CRM solutions in Dakar, we help you develop a customized CRM in tune with your requirements and needs.

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