About Vector Dakar – Vector Digital Systems

Vector Digital Systems L.L.C founded back in 2009 aiming to provide business friendly solutions, IT , Telecom product Distribution.We focused on being your trusted IT partner who actually understand a product and domain beyond just a training course’s worth of knowledge and have the depth of skills and experience to tap into to solve a customer’s real-world problems. If this sounds familiar, then we’re the company for you.Our team  have proven subject matter expertise and product knowledge across a broad set of areas. We expertise in Telecom, IT Solutions, Software development , IP TV Solutions, Information Display Solutions and open source solutions.

understand not only the standard product functionality but also the tips and tricks involved in getting a solution to work in your environment. This coupled with strong execution capabilities are a big reason why our customers keep coming back to us for more.We have customers across the Senegal , Middle East Africa Region, covering a diverse set of industries and government departments and range from small and medium enterprises to large  companies.

Vector Dakar is led by a strong, seasoned team of executives and entrepreneurs with vast experience in the IT industry and proven success in building successful IT Solutions and infrastructure from the ground up.

Our Services


Telephone Systems


ERP & CRM Solutions


Hotel IPTV Solutions


CCTV Security