Snom IP Phones Dakar

Thanks to the advancement in the technological innovations. With the adoption of technologies, one such arena that gained the benefits is the business telephones system. Many small businesses today are making way to VOIP phone systems in their business. The advantages in using such a service are many and due to the fact that small and medium business owners are in view to implement the latest technologies. Besides the options like the call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail and remote operation, you will find a lot of other features that can boost your business. Now the new enterprises are opting for on VOIP service. With the implementation of the VOIP system, it appears to be more efficient than the conventional or traditional phone system.

Transform your business through Snom phones

Vector digital systems in Dakar enables you to make right decision in choosing the right phone system. Selecting from a wide assortment of VOIP phones, Wi-Fi VoIP phones and conference phones, we have a powerful VOIP phone solution for your enterprise.

Snom phones are widely renowned for its reliability, performance and power of use. Due to its wide commercial acceptance, this phone systems have become a favorite choice for many of the industries in Dakar. Powered with the powerful German technology, the series of Snom phones are fully friendly and reliable.

We are specialized in providing the installation, maintenance and support of all Snom products to make sure to meet the most critical communication challenges faced by the business now. Feel free to contact us now for your telephone system integration for your business.

Why Snom is powerful?

  • Powerful audio: The Snom technology utilizes some of the advanced voice quality engineering methods ensuring high standards of communication in business.
  • Good software: 15 years of software development is enough to strengthen the quality of software they adopt in phone systems. It offers a powerful, unique and flexible experience to the users.
  • Engineering: The high standard portfolio of phone system is innocuous in the hands of German engineering. It is perfect in all aspects of hardware development, design and cost effectiveness.

What more else you need to have a thought on changing your existing telephone systems.The portfolio of Snom phones we deal with includes the desktop phones and variety of Snom SIP based IP phones and Snom VOIP conference phones.The choice of Snom Phones over other IP Phone give the following advantages.


  • Exceptional design
  • Advanced IP communication features
  • High performance and Value
  • High fidelity audio speaker.

Snom conference Phones

Snom conference phone is an advanced conference calling device broad compatibility with IP PBX, hosted VoIP and UC solutions. It has the features of four-way calling and recording the conference calls. It is designed to be well suited in large size meeting rooms powered with the full duplex sound technology. The audio conference facility is powered with the cutting-edge noise suppression and high fidelity wideband along with the powerful conferencing facilities.

We are also providing the solutions for conferencing systems at your workplace with the powerful Snom meeting point conference phones. Finally, your search ends here at vector digital systems Dakar for your conference needs. The greatest benefit is that the callers will be able to have the feeling that they are in the same room while having conversation with each other.

Get in touch with us for a powerful conferencing facility in Dakar. As the leading providers of IP telephony systems in Dakar, we deal both voice and video conferencing solutions to all business in Senegal. Specialized in providing the best VoIP solutions, we completely understand the business and the workflow.

Depending to the varied needs, be it for home use or business purpose, we design, install, implement the best telephone systems and conference systems that suits your environment. The other phone systems we offer include the Yealink IP phones, Grand stream IP phones, Polycom SIP phones, CISCO SIP phones, Dlink SIP phones, Fanvil phones and Sangoma Phones.

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