Snom DECT Phones

Shifting to an IP telephony infrastructure symbolizes a change from the traditional telephone systems. More and more organizations are shifting to IP telephony services as a means to enhance the productivity and surely the profitability. The question is; are you prepared for the transition for a change over from the traditional telephone systems? There are several functionalities to be considered while considering a change in the telephone system. If your organization needs a simple but robust management system to wholly integrate your workforce within an environment, then opting down the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology would be a pertinent solution.

DECT technology allows the cordless system to work within the limits of spectrum. This technology uses base stations and SIP to connect to your IP PBX.  Dect phone system have an important position in today’s multi-functional and IP telephony infrastructure as it has the advantage of saving money. The advantages includes It can accommodate more phones within the spectrum, security measures against the eaves dropping, ability to move all the way through buildings and more.

Cordless system with Snom DECT phones

How cordless systems is transforming business environment, the revolution is here!

The Snom Dect phones offers outstanding value for money. The Snom has really has made a revolution in developing a DECT solution that covers most of the business solutions and It is still counted as the best solution for your telephone systems.

With sound expertise in network solutions and IP solutions across Dakar, Vector Digital solutions delivers the optimum solution for the on-site communications and real time communications. We have leveraged our experience in offering the best DECT solutions using Snom Dect phones Dakar. The successful integration of our domain expertise for the past several years has really made us a pioneer in the market.

Why Snom DECT phones?

It has the features that makes the communication easy and reliable.

  • The easy of operations across all major SIP PBX platforms
  • Seamless transfer from base station to repeater or base station
  • Wideband voice
  • Support wall mounting
  • Provides cordless solutions for large to small businesses
  • Suitable for open-air areas
  • Shockproof and dust proof
  • Blue tooth compatible (Model M85)
  • DECT encryption (Model M65)
  • Software upgrade

Several series of Snom phones are available, hence the customers have the choice to pick the best that works well with their environment.

Looking for a feasible Wireless/Cordless systems in Dakar?

Our IP solutions are simple and robust. To ensure extreme performance and proficiency we provide comprehensive cordless solutions to meet your business requirements. These are carried out by our experts that includes the pre-emptive identification, planning, analysis and deployment of the system. The solutions are designed to be as flexible the solutions being scalable, it can be easily upgraded as per your requirements.

Contact us for a reliable cordless solutions using DECT in Dakar. As the primary specialists in offering IP telephony systems in Dakar, we carry out all kinds of VOIP solutions across Senegal. We offer you a practicable resolutions to your wireless needs that stands out with the trusted and branded Conferencing systems, DECT Phones and more.

Be it for small or medium business projects, we envisage and interact with your network like never before with the cordless systems that suits your background. It’s time to move with the best VOIP provider in Dakar, for a better scalable solutions.

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