Sennheiser Headsets

Business has optimal advantages over investing on significant resources. Communication being the pivotal part of any business, the end user interaction and satisfaction could be a big gain for any company. With user’s starts spending much time on phones for interaction, headsets can offer a smart solution for organizations, as they bring with them the measures of efficiency and morale within the workplace.

Why headsets are so important?

As everyone knows, headsets allows the freedom of mobility still keeping an eye on other tasks and pushing up the productivity in a greater way. The gains from the usage of Headphones are innumerous, not only it makes the employees more productive and efficient but also makes them healthy and active in the hectic work environment. Through these the organizational benefits are innumerous.

Sennheiser Headphones

Seamless options are available now: as most headphones are being introduced in the market in flavor with the business, supporting multi features and functionalities makes it easy for a perfect communication. It’s an era of most modern headphones: To choose the right one, optimized for various business functions is crucial.

If you are in search for the perfect headsets in Dakar then Sennheiser Headsets is the answer for you. No matter what you expect, Sennheiser offers an extraordinary design and high quality sound that you always wanted and expected. The Sennheiser comes with the headsets for all occasions and activities ranging from sport, travel, business, high end to aviation, studio, Broadcasting etc…

Vector Digitals systems Dakar understands that a successful implementation of communication systems is significant in delivering reliable end user experience. We understand to design and integrate with the Sennheiser headphones in Dakar is to be part of a well-designed project process. With number of successful projects, our legacy lies in the matchless support from policy approach to implementation that delivers a perfect communication model.

The headsets from the Sennheiser family have been classified into Wireless Headsets, Bluetooth Headsets and wired Headsets.

sennheiser headsets Dakar

Wireless Headsets

The wireless headsets are the perfect option to stay connected to your work while on the move. The Sennheiser wireless headphones does it all with quality HD sound, Design and comfort.


  • Ultra Noise cancelling features
  • Control for Answer and End call
  • Acoustic hearing protection with ActiveGard
  • Good wearing comfort
  • Ultra Voice clarity
  • Sound improvement profiles

Wired Headsets

It is a perfect choice for the employees who work in a stationary workplace. It features the comfort, good design and quality sound.

  • Noise cancelling
  • Flexible resonation
  • Acoustic hearing protection with ActiveGard
  • Call control for Answer and End Call
  • Modern style and comfort
  • Ultra voice clarity

Bluetooth Headsets

Are you on a constant run just moving around in the office or in the street? No matter at all, Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones gives you the freedom and clear sound for your needs.

  • Noise cancelling
  • Flexible resonation
  • Acoustic hearing protection with ActiveGard
  • Call control for Answer and End Call
  • Multi-connectivity
  • Good design
  • Extended talk time
  • Room experience technology
  • Improved wearing comfort

Offering a wide assortment of Headphones in Dakar, we help you choose the best ones that suits your business.  Be in tune! Experience the quality of listening in a superior voice quality. Sennheiser headphones could be the sure shot for a perfect business communication you never experienced before. It’s really intelligent,

New heights of business in Dakar

Dakar is Open to technology. It is true that more and more technological advancements are happening in Dakar. Whether you are on plan to convert your existing telecom systems or to deploy newest approaches, selecting a trusted solution provider is must. Being in the stand as the best company in Dakar for IP telephony solutions and IT support, Vector Digital System can assure you to take your business to new heights. We are here to help you for a better and refined solutions.

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