Proprietary Phones

How significant is telecommunication as a business?

Before the development of internet and other data networks, telecommunication has its own importance. A telephone was more than just a communication tool – an instrument that allows us to communicate by voice. Why is it so vital in business? Since it is the medium through which most of the communication is happening. The technologies used for the communication have changed drastically over the years. With the advancement of technology and digital research, the analog representations of the voice and data has been exchanged with the digital representations. Along with the changes, the telephone systems in compliance with the digital technology has been introduced to the market.  It led the telecom majors to come up with the proprietary phones.

The proprietary telephones works in line with the manufacturer system (PBX) only and will be unable to operate in conjunction with third party manufacturer systems. The gain of employing the proprietary phones in a business environment is that they offer integration in tune with the associated system. It has its own advantages compared with the other systems. Most of the today’s proprietary phones support VOIP and SIP.

Putting a right telephone system will enhance your business productivity. It can make the business communication in much effective way. In a complex business world embracing a proper digital system can be an appropriate option.

Your total solution provider for IP telephony systems in Dakar.

Vector digital’s expertise in the field of IP telephony provides a sophisticated solutions for the most complex telephone systems. You have the various options of phones to choose from us and it will be like you can choose the phone system you have always wanted. We understand that to focus on brand relationship is good to stay on top and hence the reason we deal only with the branded telephone systems. The portfolio of phones/system we deal with includes Avaya Phones, Panasonic phones, Cisco phones and NEC phones.

What became clear?

We have created more relationships with the clientele in Dakar through these branded telephone systems. We are giving prominence on brands that creates relationships with the customers more since it works better and clear.

The business world has changed much with the technological advancement.  Along with the changing trends, we discover our customers are keen on changing the conventional telephone systems. Whether it is to do a reshuffle or deploy new system, we provides the clients a methodical approach they want in the field of telecommunications, automation and IT across Dakar, Thiès, Touba, Pikine, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Quwain. We are here to help you for a refined and effective solutions.

Our method is simple, hence our solutions are straight and clear. We go through your business well to know and recognize your needs, and propose a solution that gives 100% satisfaction.

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