Poly Marque 2 M165 Senegal


Poly Marque 2 M165 Senegal

Poly Marque 2 M165 Bluetooth headset is the perfect companion for smartphones, with universal-fit conformable gel ear tips, a Deep Sleep power-saving mode, and dual microphones that reduce background and wind noise for crisp, clear call quality. Listen to music or stream audio and Internet radio, manage your calls without pressing buttons – just say “Answer” or “Ignore”. The headset does not have a recording feature and active memory.

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Polycom Marque 2 M165 Bluetooth Headset Dakar

Enjoy hands-free calling and hands-free answering with the Polycom Marque 2 M165 Mono Bluetooth Headset from Plantronics. Poly Marque 2 M165 Mono Bluetooth Headset features the ability for you to use your voice to either say “Answer” or “Ignore” to deal with incoming calls. Manual control over incoming calls is also possible with the built-in call button. Poly Plantronics has engineered the Polycom Marque 2 with dual microphones, which are designed to help make sure your conversations remain clear. They are designed to filter out noise from the wind and your surrounding environment. Clearer audio quality doesn’t just benefit phone calls. You can also use this Bluetooth headset to operate your phone’s Siri, Google Now, or Cortana personal assistant software. To help make using the Poly Marque 2 a more comfortable experience, Plantronics has included three different sizes of silicone gel eartips. These eartips are thin, pliable, and meant to gently tuck into the contours of your ear to ensure a stable fit. Also included is a clip-on earloop for added stability.

Polycom Marque 2 M165 Features

DeepSleep Power-Saving Mode
Polycom Marque 2 M165  headset has designed the DeepSleep mode to drastically increase your Poly Marque 2’s standby time. This power-saving mode is activated once your Poly Marque 2 is away from your phone for over 90 minutes. When you know you’re back in range, just tap the call button to wake up the headset. Using Bluetooth technology, the Marque 2 has a range of up to 33′, and with DeepSleep you can extend your standby battery life by up to 180 days.

Guided Pairing
U.S. users will get voice-guided pairing instructions for iPhone and Android smartphones when the headset is powered on for the first time.

Multipoint Technology
Polycom Marque 2 M165  headset supports Multipoint technology, which lets you pair and answers calls from up to two smartphones.

Find MyHeadset App
Polycom Marque 2 M165  headset is designed to work with the Plantronics Find MyHeadset app for Android devices. Find MyHeadset lets you locate your missing headset via two methods:
Send a Tone: If your phone is within Bluetooth range (up to 33′), you can play a sound file from your phone to play in the headset.

Track it: With GPS location services enabled on your phone, you can review its recent activity on a time-stamped map to help discover where your Marque 2 was last used.
In addition to tracking down your headset, the app gives you an on-screen battery meter in the notification bar if your smartphone is running Android OS 3.0 or later.

MyHeadset App

The headset App for iPhone and Android mobile devices lets you control your Polycom Marque 2 M165  headset and give you important information on how to use it.
iPhone Users: The app will show you how to pair, control, and command the Polycom Marque 2 M165  headset. Polycom Marque 2 M165  headset will also let you do a soundcheck before a call, record memos, discover streaming audio, and even play a few games.
Android Users: The app will let you do a soundcheck, record memos, and discover streaming audio. If you are running Android OS 3.0 or later, the app will also give you an on-screen headset battery meter.

Polycom Marque 2 M165 Specifications.

  • Dual microphones reduce noise and wind, giving you better call quality.
  • Talk up to 7 hours with the M165 and enjoy a standby time of 11 days.
  • Just say “Answer” or “Ignore” to handle your calls – no buttons to press.
  • Three sizes of flexible silicone eartips (S, M, L) and an optional earloop provide a comfortable, stable fit.
  • Use your headset to listen to music, movies, Internet radio, and driving directions.
  • DeepSleep™ power‐saving mode activates when your Marque headset is away from your phone for over 90 minutes. When it’s back in range (33 feet or less), you can just tap the call button to “wake” it up.
  • Using the DeepSleep mode can extend the battery readiness up to 180 days.
  • MyHeadset app gives you tips and tools for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones.
  • Multipoint technology lets you pair and maintains connections with two or more devices.
  • Vocalyst service lets you use your voice to manage emails and texts and update Facebook® or Twitter .  (visit plantronics.com/vocalyst for service details)
  • Stream music, podcasts, internet radio, GPS directions, and more.
  • Headset talks you through pairing process for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones.
  • The excellent sound quality in an amazingly lightweight design.
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).
  • Hands-Free (HFP) Profile 1.6.
  • Headset (HSP) Profile 1.2.
  • Charge Connector — Micro USB charging.
  • Rechargeable, non-replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery.