Grandstream Video Conferencing System Dakar

Modern communication has enhanced and streamlined many work process in a more sophisticated way. As for the organizations are concerned the constant travel for business meetings, and other purposes can often be a financial burden and loss of productivity. Wouldn’t it be nice to deliver the presentations to the group of remote clients or to conduct the meetings at the relaxed comfort of their environment? Think that kind of communication approach where you can leverage easily thus reducing the financial overhead.

Video conferencing facility facilitates you to take the communication in a way that you were therein as a person helping you to engage them in business in a fruitful way. It makes the human connection more interactive regardless of the distance.

Grandstream Video Conferencing System DakarEmbrace video conferencing for a business triumph

Do More of the business with limited resources. Whether it be small or big are enjoying the advantages of using the video conferencing facilities. It seems daunting for those who work in an environment where they are expected to be available 24/7, the daily travel, meeting at the headquarters and the customer meetings. It can be a tremendous financial blow for the company too. Why so hassle? Gain on with the idea of video conferencing facility at your organization. The result- Enhanced productivity and healthier work environment.

Grandstream video conferencing systems a perfect choice

Grandstream has revolutionized the conferencing system with its video conferencing systems in an unparalleled power and flexibility. Vector digitals system is skilled in the planning, designing and implementation of Grandstream video conferencing solutions in Dakar by executing the client’s anticipated demands and solutions. Our professionals adopt a hands-on approach to serve as a complete solution for all your video conferencing needs thus proposing you a hassle-free communication.

GVC3200 is the pioneering innovation by the Grandstream for your video conferencing systems. The advantages include:

  • Support for varied videoconference protocols
  • Interoperable with other SIP video conferencing platform
  • IPVideo Talk Platform for easy plug and play
  • 9-way video conference possible
  • Support any SIP platforms
  • Provision for three screens
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi offers Mobility
  • Supports Multilanguage
  • Easy to use with varied applications like Google, Skype, Facebook, etc.…
  • High security (MD5 based authentication)
  • Bluetooth integrated
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Can record all conferences, events, etc…
  • SIP/Android Videoconferencing

Grandstream could be the choice of video conferencing solutions that cover the verticals of Retail, education, Hospitality and more…The industries can get the advantages of

  • Well-organized conferencing
  • Safe and reliable
  • Stay connected
  • Quality video features
  • Platform flexibility
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

Powerful yet simple

We make the video conferencing in Dakar affordable and straightforward with the Grandstream system than ever before. Take your conference to the next level with our powerful solutions available.

It is always important to nurture the relationship with those who you are associated with most. Choosing the best communication strategy (global meetings) to get connected is an important decision, and video conferencing makes it more comfort and relaxed way in an affordable way. You may require to implement a new system or revamp the existing system. Whatever the decision be, you have an experienced team with you. We make you connected with the world in an enriching approach with the leaders in the communication world.

Choose the best video conferencing system in Dakar! Stay connected with us for hassle-free communication systems.


Grandstream GVC3210

Grandstream Video Conferencing System

Grandstream Conferencing  Systems offer interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. Grandstream video solutions extend the collaborative power of visual communication to work anywhere and make it simple for you to meet face-to-face with colleagues, partners, and customers.The most important benefits of implementing Grandstream Conferencing System are the significant cost and time savings coupled with the reliability of the technology. These benefits are made all the more important as they directly relate to people’s lives.

Grandstream offers an array of outstanding features, and they are also very simple to use.Companies choose Grandstream for Video Conferencing solutions that enable their geographically dispersed workforces to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and productively over distances.

Video Conferencing DakarBy using Grandstream Video Conferencing System people connect and collaborate from their desktops, meeting rooms, classrooms, and mobile settings. Organizations from a wide variety of industries and the private sector work with Grandstream Video Conferencing solutions to:

  • Gain a fast return on their investment as their teams easily collaborate “face to face”
  • Cut the time, cost, and carbon emissions associated with gathering the right people in one place to solve problems
  • Apply saved resources, time, and energy to primary business and organizational challenges

Benefits and Advantages of Grandstream

Grandstream Video Conferencing System opens up a whole new category of high-quality, intelligent solutions for video conferencing, offering unmatched flexibility and compatibility, ease of use, application performance and the most affordable prices on the market. The powerful GVC3200 hardware platform includes advanced MCU, allowing to carry out a hybrid video conference to 9 participants without external MCU / server or additional software licenses. The branch office Device GVC3202 allow three party conference while enjoying the other advanced features of Grandstream conference system.With the new Grandstream GVC Video Conference system for the rooms, you can easily connect to other video conferencing  equipment manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Huawei, Blue Jeans, etc. and use the popular video applications for Android (e.g., Skype ™, Google Hangouts), and others. Grandstream Video Conferencing System has built-in support for various video applications for Android, as well as an amazing capability to connect calls with Android-applications and SIP-platforms to create a multilateral/hybrid conference with different protocols.

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