FXO Gateway

VOIP system has fueled changes in the way business communicates. Communicating over different networks (VOIP and Analog phones) with mix of analog and VOIP phones would be possible in a business environment. Gateway Interface do the trick. Connecting analog phone lines to the VoIP system is possible with the FXO gateways. It acts as an alternate in case of an internet failure or a network issue. It is a viable option for the businesses having various branches outside and by connecting FXO gateway to IP PBX, the organizations can drastically reduce the call charges to benefit the organization.

FXO gateways from Vector Digital Systems

We at Vector Digital Systems are highly skilled in interfacing of telephone systems. Being used to connect the devices to an external telephone system, FXO gateways plays a crucial role in developing a tested to the various VOIP standard parameters. Different types of FXO gateways are provided in accordance with the various business needs which can be configured for different requirements. We give importance to the best performing FXO gateways which always has a significant place in the communication world.

  • Call waiting
  • Call forward and Call transfer
  • Music on hold
  • Support for multiple ports
  • Flexible Dial plans
  • Support for Interoperability with the leading IP PBX’s.
  • Advanced telephony features
  • Able to connect to multiple locations
  • Enhanced Security Protection
  • Enhanced Voice Compression
  • Simple management
  • Complaint with the SIP
  • Compatible with the most of the IP systems.

The FXO gateways are best to use in the IT sectors, companies having different branches and other organizations.

Why Vector Digital Systems?

We understand how you suffer on the call charges for the long distance calls and others. It would be a considerable loss of amount as far as the company revenue is concerned. FXO gateways offers a better solutions that better bridge your analog system or the existing system to the VOIP system. The advanced features of most of the branded FXO gateways still can save a lot on call costs and other services.

As the professionals in offering the IP solutions in Dakar we recognize what you are really wanting. By offering the best VOIP solutions and world-class products, along with the skilled experts, we excel ourselves as the leaders in the market. The FXO gateways are the answers to many industries such as the insurance sector, financial sectors, call centers, IT companies and much more.

Be free to contact us to know more on FXO gateway solutions in Dakar that can well integrate with your existing telephone systems. We will be able to assist you in installing the infrastructure you always have wanted.

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