Axtel Headsets Dakar

The unified communication technology has brought immense changes in the way the business communicates. This technology combines voice and data into a single network. But it’s not a great way to hold phones and talk for long. The use of headsets has brought about a change for this. The physical freedom that headsets offer has great influence regarding business productivity and efficiency. Employees can focus on other simple tasks while they are on the phone, such as taking notes, open drawers, and other things.

Most of the high-end manufacturers have come up with the headsets that gratify and support the multi-business environment without compromising the sound quality and comfort. Picking the trendiest one is a daunting task for many. Better through, the right type of handset conducive to your business environment has a direct impact on your business in a better way.

Why Axtel Headsets

With the new generation Axtel Headsets the employees can enjoy the freedom of communication with the most advanced features available. Fully armed with advanced sound technologies, the headphones focus on for a natural conversation. The series of   Axtel headphones are the purest examples for a defined sound and reliability.

sennheiser headsets Dakar

Making the best with Vector Digital Systems Dakar

Vector digitals do it for you. Best in organizing, delivering and implementing the unified communication systems with the Axtel Headsets, we provide you with a feasible and scalable solution that focuses on the end-user experience. The headsets are well made and brilliantly designed; it is more compact, and the foam in the ear cups make sure that it is particularly good for wearing. Are you ready to embrace the Axtel technology for your business?

The series of Headphones come in various types including the professional headsets and headsets unified communications.

Professional headsets: it offers the exclusive sound delivery. With the best noise suppression technology, it reduces any sound interferences. These headsets are perfect for the office and open space environment.


  • HD sound quality
  • Advanced hardware
  • Can adjust to individual requirements
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Cool and modern design
  • Light weight and great comfort

Unified Communication Headphones: These headsets are optimized and designed for the industries using the unified communication systems. The lightweight and cool headsets are perfect for the many features for the UC systems.


  • Lightweight built
  • Movable speakers
  • Supports operating systems such as MS, IOS, Linux
  • Supports USB
  • Stereo sound
  • Noise reduction in microphones

New heights of business in Dakar

Offering a wide assortment of Headphones in Dakar, we help you choose the best ones that suit your business.  Be in tune! Experience the quality of listening in superior voice quality. Sennheiser headphones could be the sure shot for a perfect business communication you never experienced before. It’s brilliant,

Dakar is Open to technology. It is true that more and more technological advancements are happening in Dakar. Whether you are on plan to convert your existing telecom systems or to deploy newest approaches, selecting a trusted solution provider is a must. Being in the stand as the best company in Dakar for IP telephony solutions and IT support, Vector Digital System can assure you to take your business to new heights. We are here to help you with a better and refined solution.

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